David Bengtsson

Aerial Photography & Film

Turning Torso, Malmö

Starry night in the alps

Skydive over Zell am See in Austria

Aerial Photography & Film

Paragliding in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Paragliding in Denmark

Paragliding in Sweden

Løkken, Denmark

Aerial Photography & Film

Flying high in Sweden

Speedriding in Austria

Cloud flying over Gryttjom, Sweden

Summer over Sundsvall, Sweden

Heading for the beach

Balloon Selfie

Coastal soaring in Sweden

Ginger skydiving girl over Gryttjom


“I’m a Swedish photographer living in the Austrian alps. My speciality is aerial photography. I take photos from my paraglider and in freefall from beautiful locations most people will never experience.”

David Bengtsson  

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Cover pictures

My pictures have been on the cover several times on Swedish paragliding and skydiving magazines. I have also been published on the cover at a French paragliding magazine and my photos are often in the  biggest english speaking paragliding mag in the world.


I live in Saalbach-Hinterglemm in the Salzburg region in the Austrian alps. I travel all over the world, and do photo projects wherever there is an interesting landscape to document.

 “I spend  most of my free time in the air or on the road. I travel around Europe in my Volkswagen camper with my cameras and my skydiving and paragliding gear. Love the freedom I have to work from my bus. Just add a good Internet connection and I’m happy”


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Send me an e-mail at: david@bengtsson.net

More of my work: http://500px.com/duelago

Instagram: @duelago

Award Winning Photography

I attend photo competitions. Big ones and small ones, and over the years I have won a lot. I got awarded by Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. One of my pictures was sold to Olympus and they used it when they released the OM-EM1 camera. I’m also published with two pictures in the new GoPro book about filmmaking.


I use micro 4/3 cameras and GoPros. The mirrorless system is perfect for me and the low weight and the small sizes makes it possible for me to shoot stuff not many others do. Usually I try out an idea with the GoPro and then move on to my bigger still cameras.


I try to take publish one photo every dat. Most of them are action or landscape shots but other stuff gets published eventually. Please follow me if you like my work. I’m known as @duelago


My main passion is still photography but I have a history as a film student. I studied film production for two years at Kulturama in Stockholm

I still do some films from my paragliding, speedflying and skydiving endeavours. Here is one from Ales Stenar that I like myself. Go to YouTube to watch it in full HD

"I fly almost every day it's possible, and I'm constantly thinking about new pictures that are not yet taken"

− My mission is to do new stuff never seen before

"Safety is priority one, but I am willing to take the extra step to realize a special photo"

− My goal

"Award winning photographer. I won at least 30 photo competitions during the years. I hate to repeat myself and I think I'm getting better for every year."

− My history

David Bengtsson

Aerial photography and filmmaking with style